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12 Week Tournament Master Class

The Best Training for an Upcoming Tournament

What It Includes:

  • Full Access to Elite Membership for 3 months
    (Save $90.00)

  • 12 Hours of Coaching (Discounted at $45/Hour)
    (Save $60.00)


  • Structured and Comprehensive Plan and Independent Training Program  (Save $200.00)

12 Week Masterclass


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Who this is for:

This 12 week program is designed for beginner players, intermediate players and advanced chess players. 

This is for top level performers who can dedicate 7-10 hours of independent training weekly for 12 weeks. 


A message from Adam:

"I have personally trained for my tournaments using this approach and achieved a 2200+ elo performance in just my Third OTB Chess  Tournament"


Each Week is Dedicated to an entirely different aspect of chess training that progressively challenges the student to expand and grow their thinking

Week 1: Fundamentals: Practicing and Learning Consequences

Week 2: Tactical Ability: Learn the correct approach for building tactical and pattern recognition

Week 3: Strategic Understanding and Ability: Evaluate and find the best plans

Week 4: Thinking in Chess: Learn how to think properly in a game of chess

Week 5: Thinking in Chess: The Lens of a Grandmaster

Week 6: Building your opening Repertoire

Week 7: Analysis of your Games: Learn How to Analyze your games

Week 8: Progressive Increase your training difficulty

Week 9: How to Master Complex Chess Positions

Week 10: Keys to Training: Playing with a specific Approach

Week 11: Review: How to Apply what you've Learned

Week 12: Game Review: A comprehensive review and measurement


12 Week Masterclass


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