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Sunday Book Club

Join our official Book Club!  Hosted on Sunday mornings from 11:00 am-1:00 pm Est. 

What's Included?
An instructional and classic chess book is read and analyzed with a professional chess master. Members engage in discussions and analysis within a community of aspiring and curious learners. 

For Chess Enthusiasts: 
You will discover new ideas, enrich your chess knowledge, and improve your understanding of the game.

For Parents: 
You and/or your child (children) will be exploring the game of chess with other students in a fun and entertaining environment.
Each student receives a free copy of the discussed chess book, which is chosen from a selected list of highly educational and instructive chess books. 

Why Read in a Group Setting? 
You will be apart of a growing chess community while learning in a safe, positive, and engaging environment. 



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