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Elite Chess Coaching

Chess Education's Elite Coaching offers a complete and progressive path towards mastery. This is for individuals who are committed to excellence, consistent training, and rigorous critical thinking. 

As a student, you will be given daily study and training material provided by our instructor. You will be required to demonstrate your commitment to working through the training materials in order to continue participating in this coaching service.

As a coach, we will support you by holding you to a high level of accountability so that you will reach your targeted higher levels of performance. We will monitor your training regime to identify both your strengths and weaknesses and adjust your material of chess study accordingly.

Time Requirements 
1 hour - 2 hour coaching/week
10-20 hours of independent training per week 

Email with the subject heading 'Elite Coaching' to book your first training session.

Pricing Packages are available when purchasing 20 or more coaching hours at a 10% discount. 


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