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Instructions for Pairing on

1. To Play: To play a round, each player must 'challenge' his/her opponent.

2. Log in: Login to your Lichess Account:

3. Find: Find your opponent's name for each round in the google spreadsheet: Bottom of Page (and sent via email to you)

Lichess Search: Go to the lichess search bar (on Top right, next to your username) Click on the magnifying glass

5. Paste: Paste your opponent's name and Click. His/her profile appears. Click on the 'swords' icon 

lichess challenge.png

6. To Challenge: Variant Select "Standard"
Time: Minutes 15; Increment in Seconds: 10
Select "Rated"
Click your King's colour, black or white.

Lichess Challenge Opponent.png

7. Accept: Both players must accept the challenge. If the game is not accepted, the challenge is lost and a new challenge must be made.

8. Game: Players play until the game is complete. 
9. Problems or questions? Go Go to our community zoom link (sent via email) and a staff member will assist you. 

Access to Google Spreadsheet: 
If you are a team captain, request access to the spreadsheet so you may update your team's score and games. 


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