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Canadian Chess League


Our mission is to encourage and promote chess across Canada

Starting: May 11, 2023 every Thursday at 7:00pm EST
Duration: 10 Weeks
Time control: 15 minutes + 10 seconds
Number of games per evening: 4
Individual cost: $100.00 CAD (only $10 per evening!)

CFC Rated Quick Rating: Players must have a CFC Membership or pay a CFC tournament fee. International players located outside of Canada may still join the CFC and our League.

*This is a separate fee and can be purchased at *
As the event is Rapid time control, the quick active tournament fee applies.

Location: Online
Prizes: 70% of registration fee. 
Guaranteed $500.00 Winner of Crown Section (2000+ )
Guaranteed $300.00 Winner of U-2000 Section
Guaranteed $150.00 Winner of U-1600 Section 

Eligibility: To be eligible for cash prizes, players must join the group zoom call and their video must be turned on during gameplay.